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This is an immense pleasure to introduce us as one of the leading private construction firm in AP and Telangana, India. ASK Association & Constructions in Industrial Construction & Engineering Company has accumulated a wide and diversified experience over the years.

We are highly determined to provide finest quality of service using Cutting-edge technology where our customers have their smiling face when we handover their dream projects within the allocated budget and time, as they are our main assets of our firm’s growth. It is a great honor to receive a positive note from our clients as they are our greatest strength in the expansion of our business. We are proud to have the skilled labor, resources, and competence with latest technology and most importantly the potential and commitment to deliver the project with the top-notch standards on time.

Our journey started in 1995 as K Srinu constructions with high motivation to provide best quality in the industry to our clients. Recently we have renamed our firm to ASK Association And Constructions by adding multiple features that can be utilized by our clients from day 1. We are thankful to our customers, skilled labors, and technology experts to achieve our goal with buffer time. We adapt the latest technology and recommend our customers on the products utilized in the construction with best quality and high durability to save the budget. We challenge ourselves every day and excel in our performance to the client’s expectations throughout the projects by applying the most advanced management policies and procedures. Our Engineers are highly passionate and determined when it comes to handing over the projects to our clients at the requested date. Our future achievements are and will be substantially inspired by the ability to project unforeseen opportunities and risks. The company, thus saves no effort to carry on with conducting extensive studies of the potentials of local and foreign markets, pooling its resources, drawing up plans compatible with study findings and last but not least, polishing our employees skills.

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